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Real-IMPACT has been in business since 1995, working with leaders to help them communicate their important messages. Based in the Indianapolis, Indiana area, we have worked around the world, with clients from more than 33 countries.

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International Communication Expert

Jean Palmer Heck

Jean Palmer Heck is an international communication advisor with a strong background in corporate communication. She is an executive speech coach and has trained people from more than 33 countries. Having been a television news anchor and spokesperson for Eli Lilly & Company, Jean has taken her ability to ask insightful questions and turn the answers of experts, business owners and supervisors into a valuable resource for your next presentation in front of a group or in a one-on-one situation.

Jean is the author of:

“Tough Talks in Tough Times: What Bosses Need to Know to Deliver Bad News, Motivate Employees & Stay Sane” is a business management book for people who face difficult discussions. Jean began researching the topic when a professional colleague of hers expressed his discomfort with discussions surrounding bad news he was facing in his business.

Jean Palmer Heck is a member of the National Speakers Association, and past president of the Indiana chapter.

To schedule an interview or to invite Jean to participate in an upcoming event, contact us directly at (317) 430-9100 or through our secure contact form.