Make an Impact on Your Boss, Customers and Peers

“Presentation Tool Box”


DVD Video

Was your last presentation painful to put together?
Did you spend hours on it and it’s still lacking “pizzazz”?
Was your ego deflated after you delivered it?

The Power Presentation Took Kit gives you the methods to make an impact on your boss, customers and peers in front of the room, with the media, or in a videoconference.

If you’re giving a report, speech or sales pitch…

  • 20 exercises to improve your delivery
  • Seven formulas to organize it and 10+ ways to make it memorable
  • A checklist of common problems and easy solutions

If you’re using PowerPoint…

  • 17 examples proven to WOW audiences & 5 brand new templates

If you’re newsworthy…

  • 10 commandments of working with the news media
  • Five golden rules if YOU are on camera

Note: This product is a DVD designed to be read on your computer.

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